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Arsshi brings to the table a mix of both the worlds of Psychic Wisdom, from the Akashic Records and Coaching,
to help individuals tap into their Soul’s Blueprint, so that they can  overcome present and past lives obstacles and manifest whatever it is that they desire, by following what their Soul chose as its life's experience.

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Way Forward

One to One Clarity Call

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Empowered Transformational Coaching

“Coaching is not telling people what to do; it’s giving them a chance
to examine what they are doing in light of their intentions.”

James Flaherty

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Naresh Luthria - Hotelier

My coaching session with Arsshi Singh was an eye opener and highly beneficial.

She uses intuitive techniques to access the sub conscious to get to the source of the matter.

Her suggestions have been very helpful for my personal improvement.

Thanks Again


Dr. Ami Bhatia - Veterinarian

Knowing the reason why certain things happen in certain ways surely help in accepting situations n help us to break pattern n take healthier decisions. Feel blessed by the universe to have found u to reveal such deep insights. Feels lighter n relieved.


Sean Singh - IT Professional

When I Started out, I really did not know what to expect. Arsshi Started with Reading my Akashic Records, making me aware of all the Negative karmic patterns of this lifetime and a few of other lifetimes. As I realised, how my unconscious patterns were sabotaging my success, she then told me about my Soul's calling. Not only this, but she also retrieved from the Akashic Records how my Soul is made to Manifest. Very Valuable, as I now, do not waste my time trying different strategies that I know will not work for me. Then we planned out a roadmap on how to achieve my goals in all areas of my life, meeting weekly to gauge the success I have made. Adding/deleting/modifying the road map as required.  

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Nikita Tiwari - Physiotherapist

This session was exactly the answer I was looking out for. It was an eye opener for a lot of questions that went on in my head for the longest of time! When made to realise about my negative patterns, I could relate to it completely. For me, It was like someone just showed me the mirror, a reality check!


Samantha Samuels

Aneye-opening experience that has come at the right time when I feel most open to recognising old patterns and changing them and being more aware now, helps In clearing the negative and opening up new possibilities for a more harmonious life.


Thanks, Arsshi, you saved me.

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