About Arrshie Singh

Arrshie Singh is a certified ICF approved Coach, Certified Transformational  & Spiritual Coach and an Advanced Soul-Realignment Practitioner. She brings to the table a mix of both the worlds of
Psychic Wisdom and Coaching, to help individuals tap into their Soul’s Blueprint, so that they can manifest whatever it is that they desire.

She gets her information from the Akashic Records in the 5th Dimension. Akashic Records are the Universe's Energetic database of a Soul's history since the Soul's Origination in whichever galaxy.

Arrshie has been on the spiritual path for over 20 Years. Continuously striving to understand beyond the obvious. To reach the far ends of the galaxies, Universes, and Parallel Universes to find answers to the pounding questions about life. For her life is a journey and not a destination. She believes that One can never stop learning and growing, and for that, trying new practices are necessary, till you find answers satisfying your quest. Her spiritual journey led her to Reiki, Art of Living (completed all levels, except teacher’s course); Osho to a certain extent, she practiced Buddhism for 13 years, being a district leader for over 8 years. She currently practices Brahma Vidya's Yogic Breathing Techniques. Although born a Sikh, she could never relate to religions, as for her being Spiritual was extremely important than being religious. 


Arrshie is a post-graduate in Business Administration from Symbiosis, Pune, and an Interior Designer with a Degree from National School of Design. With a versatile mix of experiences in her professional career, from a flight attendant for 6 years (facilitating world exposure), to working in senior positions in the Advertising industry for 6 years, to having her own Interior Design Studio for 13 plus years, she now hand picks her interior projects and divides her time between Designing Interiors, Psychic Readings and overseeing her NGO.

Arrshie is also an Animal Activist. Almost a Vegan. She does not wear leather, nor promote it.
Uses as much non animal tested products. She is also a co founder of Samdhana Association for Animal Welfare, an NGO based out of Mumbai, which strives to help feeders, care and feed over 2000 plus strays.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom 

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