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Certified Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Psychic Medium,
ICF Certified Coach, Certified Transformational, Business & Spiritual Coach.
                                                                     NLP Practitioner, Silva Method Practitioner, Akashic Records Reader,
Akashic Tarot Reader, Art Therapist & PGDBA Marketing.


Click here to see my listing in the soul realignment directory of practitioners worldwide - under Advanced Practitioner - South Asia


There are only Two 'Advanced' Soul Realignment Practitioners in the whole of India and South Asia as of May 2021.
Humbled to be one of them.


Arsshi brings to the table a mix of both the worlds of Psychic Wisdom and Coaching. She makes her Clients aware of their Soul’s Blueprint, which is a combination of their Soul's purpose and Gifts. She makes them aware of their Unconscious Negative Karmic Patterns from this or previous lifetimes, that sabotage their path to success. After all the initial clearing, she then helps them with setting new Goals as per the Client’s Soul Calling and helps them achieve these Goals over a period of 3 to 12 months. The entire purpose of this activity, is to make the clients achieve their Goals in all Life Areas.

Arsshi has been on the spiritual path for over 20 Years. Continuously striving to understand beyond the obvious. Her spiritual journey led her to Reiki, Art of Living, she practiced Buddhism for 13 years, being a District Leader for over 8 years. She currently practices Brahma Vidya's Yogic Breathing Techniques and the Merkaba Meditation. 

Arsshi dedicated 32 years of her life to different verticals such as Flying for an international airliner for 6.5 years, Advertising and Marketing 6.5 years, Interior Design 17 years, along with pursuing her love for Education and Self Development.

shi now lives in Siolim, Goa - India. She now hand picks her interior design projects and dedicates the rest of her time to the Transformational Work and her NGO which strives to feed the strays of Mumbai. 

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