Complete Transformational Programme

A Complete transformational Package of programmes that addresses every aspect of your Soul's journey, from its origination to its present manifestations, A journey from a Human Being to a Divine Being, so that manifestation becomes natural.

Goal Identification and Setting
Life Area Changes
Coaching sessions on transforming every aspect of your life, Financial, Relationship and Health.

Soul Profile Reading
(Gifts & Soul’s Calling, Patterns, includes specific past lives, Bargains, Contracts & Vows, Negative Intentions, Anger Spears, Primary & Secondary Life's Lessons,  Past lives patterns origination & 21 day Clearing work)

Energy Expenditure with others
Soul's Manifesting Blueprint
Divine Blueprint Code Corruptions

Business Re Alignment for Financial Abundance

Relationship Re Alignment 

Chakra Imbalances

Imprints, Illusions, Hooks & Cords

Property Clearing

Spirit Guide Coaching

Life Situation Reading
(24 sessions) 4 sessions a month for 6 months

(checking progress, utlising various techniques to further progress, such as NLP, Silva Mind Control, Art Therapy, CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Meditations, and more)