Overcoming Obstacles

These are setbacks that really need no introduction. Everyone has experienced them. These are the devils that pop up when you set out to getting any task or goal accomplished. They have a sneaky way of showing up and defeating our rhythm to start again. You may muster up the courage to start all over again, and well, you will start again, but then the obstacles pop up again and stand as roadblocks, leading you to a defeatist mentality. This is the tipping point. Where you go from here, changes the trajectory of your life. If you choose to resign and feel destiny is not with you, then, you may be partially right, but not completely. The Akashic Wisdom states that YOUR Soul (and not some higher up beings) chose the human experience keeping in mind what your soul needs, to evolve itself. So, going with that if our conscious mind diverts into doing something the Soul is not Aligned with, then yes be prepared to face a barrage of obstacles your way. However, when aligned and if you still face these devils, then it’s the subconscious programming that needs re programming.

Whatever the case may be. There is no magical wand to vanquish them from our lives. The greatest asset or tool that we have is our mind. Overcoming obstacles requires an aware mind. Obstacles are the cause and effects of circumstances that are initiated out of actions on our part, consciously or unconsciously. Our upbringing plays a major role in the way we think. The first 7 years of our lives as children, programs our minds to play out the obstacles we see in our circumstances. What we call karmas are nothing but the play of these same unconscious thinking and habits – over lifetimes.

How to overcome obstacles?

There isn’t one single way to overcome obstacles. A combination, permutation of many tools lead to overcoming obstacles. As a Soul Realignment Practitioner, the first and foremost way to overcome obstacles is to check the Akashic Records. When we follow what our Soul chose as its human experience (Soul’s Blueprint) then, we are aligned. And when we are aligned, we walk less against the force and more with the force. The next step is to check for all unconscious negative patterns, formed due to wrong thinking (limiting beliefs) or wrong choices (actions) made by us, this or previous lifetimes.

Other Tools

1. Awareness. Only when we are aware, can we go about changing patterns. We can become aware of the conscious patterns, but to become aware of the unconscious patterns, we need an inner knowing and spiritual guidance.

2. Affirmations. To reprogramme our subconscious mind, we need affirmations to erase the earlier programming.

3. A Coach like me - 😉 will integrate all aspects to help you overcome these devils. And be with you, giving you all the Guidance and Tools this transformational journey requires.

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