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Complete Transformational Coaching Package

Complete Transformational Coaching package A to Z of all aspects of Your Soul's Journey, so that you can rid of all stumbling blocks in all areas of your life.

Basic Personal Soul Profile Reading

Soul’s Calling & Gifts, Negative Patterns which your Soul is ready to clear, includes specific past lives and present life, Bargains, Contracts & Vows, Negative Intentions, Anger Spears, Primary Life's Lessons, Past lives patterns origination & clearing them from the Akashic Records plus 21 day Client Clearing home work.



Manifesting Blueprint

How does your Soul Manifest? One rule does not apply to all.
One person's success strategy cannot be yours unless you have the same soul DNA. Every soul is made to manifest differently. Your Soul has a different set of rules that it likes to follow to be able to manifest. Find out what is your Soul's Manifesting Blueprint so that it is easier for you to jump start to you success


Life Situational Reading

After the Basic Level Clearing, there can be more situations that your Soul may now be ready to clear, originating either from past or present life. Fill the form with all the situations that you want to address. This reading will tell you the root causes of these situations so that its easier to change them. Plus these patterns will be cleared from your Akashic Records along with the 21 day client clearing home work




Know your Soul's Calling

Only 1 out of 10 succeed in life without following what our soul chose to do in this 3-Dimensional world. Find out how Your Soul chose to express itself.

Relationship Re-Alignment

Every Soul is made differently. To relate and live in harmony, learn how each soul is made. How many lifetimes together and as what? As lovers, Husband/Wife, Brother/Sisters, etc. Relationship reading can be done for partners, Parents & Children, Siblings etc. Past lives blocks origination & clearing them from the Akashic Records plus 21 day Client Clearing home work.




Align Your Business to Your Soul's Blue Print

This program is for Entrepreneurs and Professionals designed to help them align their work with their soul's blueprint for 'Financial Abundance' & 'Struggle-Less Success. Not all Soul types can excel in an online business, as some Souls are Experiential Souls, where a physical connection and interaction will attract success. No one size fits all. Align your marketing strategies to match your Soul's Blue Print. 

Chakra Imbalances


There are many reasons for chakra imbalances, which impede us from achieving success.



Primary & Secondary Life Lessons

Our life revolves around what we came to learn. Find out what are the lessons, what percentage is completed, and predominantly which life area/areas.

Property Clearing

Match your new vibrational state, after clearing your karmic patterns, by clearing your property of negative influences and vibrations. 


Spirit Guide Coaching


Every human has been assigned with one to 6 Spirit Guides to guide us through the journey on this Planet. Find you who your Spirit Guides are and what Guidance do they have for you, either as a one time reading or in an on going way.

Cords & Hooks


Cannot seem to get over someone?

Constantly being obsessed by someone’s thoughts is not only a drain on your energies, but also stops you from focussing at the work on hand.

Click on the link below to cut off such energetic cords, hooks and find out what programme is being run on by the hook?