I highly recommend Arrshie. I had heard about Akashic readings but never knew the right person. A friend of mine recommended Arrshie to me after having his Akashic reading done from her. I was thrilled and didn't really know what was coming. When Arrshie started the reading and telling me things one by one- I was in complete awe because everything was resonating with me. She explained everything very nicely and helped me get a better understanding of who I am and why i am the way I am. Things started making a lot of sense to me. She explained the good, bad and the ugly so I could understand what I could change and how. I was completely floored by the end of it all. It was too much to take in- I did feel a lot of intense energies post the reading but after Arrshie cleared me the next day- I feel light and relieved and empowered and more aware of what I need to take care of. 

PS - we had a hard time connecting and poor Arrshie had to reboot her computer 3 times in a span of one hour to start my wonderful reading. Needless to say why it took that long- the energies were playing up. But once we started there was no stopping her. She gave me a lot of time to understand and digest everything. I really appreciate the time she took out for this-

Pre, during and post. 


Arrshie is very accurate and precise with her Akashic reading. She's kind and generous with her time and energy. I really appreciated every bit of it. 


If you want more clarity in your life about your path and soul calling and life purpose then Arrshie is the right person to do it with.

(Privacy Requested- No name d


Arshie feels "God sent" right now. I had been very disoriented in my life for a long time, she helped me create a better understanding of my life's patterns and gave a concise way ahead. I now feel very confident about the decisions I make in the future.

Harsha Chaudhri

UNA Mind Coach

The reading gave me a deeper insight into my fears  emotions thoughts and overall life situations.......it was an awesome experience... accurate and resonated with me at all levels.......has truly helped me shift my thoughts to a new level...so thankful to you.....lots of love.....god bless you....

Sudha Chebium

Animal Communicator


I was referred to Arrshie by a dear friend of mine. I was going through a phase in my life where I needed clarity and wanted to know more about my soul purpose and my blocks that was preventing me from achieving what I wanted. Enter this beautiful soul! She not only guided me but linked the dots from my past lives that brought about the patterns and repetitions that I was experiencing in this life. The session I had with her was very accurate and life changing .... Arrshie is truly a gifted soul.


Fathima Nizar

Customer Relationship


It’s amazing how this whole process has helped me realize the potential in me and also come to terms with the kind of patterns i had developed over the years. .few which i was oblivious to..that were becoming hurdles in my progress.. After having got my reading done got great deal of clarity and vision


Varun Seth


Arrshie provides information from the time your soul was created to the future possibilities yet to manifest. She also helps to understand about your past lives, present situations, and future possibilities, as well reveal what you need to learn in that moment, at that time, to support you on your journey. The records are a unique modality. Her explanation was very simple to understand and was very co-operative. Overall, it was unique experience. I strongly recommend a session with her.


K. Shah
Interior Designer


Mind blowing! Everything that is off point was aptly deduced and rationalized, without any pre-disclosure on my part. I now look forward to the akashic cleanse.

Monish Chainani

General Manager - Import & Wholesale Distribution

Arrshie was accurate in so many areas of my life, with explanations so clear and relevant to most situations i’m Currently facing, I have been aware of, but did not understand the connections. This reading has really helped in clearing so many questions and doubts, that I can already feel and see the clarity with which I can moved forward in my decisions and take control of situations, that we’re beyond my understanding. Thank you so much Arrshie, May you excel to the highest level and help a lot more people in getting clarity on life with their energy.


Nisha Ahuja

Flight Crew


I could understand and relate to her readings. And sometimes I felt like a story infront of me.


Nainshree Goyal



I feel it is very important to know about your soul both for success and joy.  It helps to understand what your soul and for that reason you, are designed and destined to do and achieve.  It will help you make better choices and take responsible decisions.

And needless to say,  Arrshie ji will help you achieve it.

So get your soul reading done earliest possible.


Moheet Goyal

Business Owner

It was useful in making me sure of things I knew and clearing many doubts I had. I’m glad I was given enough time and attention I needed and I was handled patiently with all the anxiety and thoughts I had.
Thank you so very much.


Shree Goyal


I honestly don’t believe in life after death, so the part about me being a woman in a past life, etc made me question the accuracy but, because there are so many things you said are so correct that, it’s eerie. So I am going to keep an open mind about life after death, as you are correct about almost everything else. Awesome, I am truly impressed. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family members.

Kabir Luthria



She is genuine and sincere.  Above all, she does this as a passion and to try and bring forth change to people's lives.

Vinesh Keshav



I felt that my reading was meaningful because the issues which i face in my day to day life are quite related to the blocks and restrictions mentioned in the reading. As these blocks and restrictions were created by me knowingly or unknowingly, I understand that it's only me who has to work towards a conscious change in this 3D world in order to overcome them with strong, clear and positive intentions and actions.


Sunny Madrani



Brought clarity in mind for next step.


Business Owner


The readings resonated with me; my fear factors and limitations were accurate.

Preeti Keswani

Jewellery Designer


Felt very nice after the reading.

Ravee Baid

Business Owner