Transformational Programs


Ignite the Inner Champion

From personal to professional growth, Arrshie wants to help you overcome your struggles to create the successful future you have always dreamt of. This program  starts with knowing your Soul's calling, to getting over unconsciousness negative karmic patterns, to knowing how your soul is made to manifest, to setting brand new achievable, actionable personal and work goals that align with your Soul’s Blueprint.


Super Achiever

Only 1 in 10 succeed in life, without knowing their Soul's Purpose. 

Know your gifts and know how to set achievable and actionable long-term goals. With this service, you will find purpose, passion, and talents that will help you to create the life you dream about. . Goal setting is a step-by-step process, taking each day into consideration of where you see yourself in 10, 20 or 30 years from now.


Obstacle Slayer

The problem you go through is that no matter how hard you try, more than anyone around, you still seem to bang your head against an invisible wall, while others, hardly work half as hard as you, seem to achieve success easily. Treating the symptoms of the problems does not solve the problems. Getting to know the root cause does, to not slip back into the same old patterns that create the obstacles.

Small TitleReset to Your Soul's Original Blueprint(Akashic Records Reading)

1.5 hour of one session Includes:

1. Soul's calling.

2. Negative Unconscious Patterns

3. Contracts and vows with other Souls

4. Justified/Unjustified Karma

5. Constraints and Negative Intentions

6. Energetic Clearing of Negative Patterns from the Akashic Records.

7. Action plan for not repeating the negative patterns. Recommend Booking: Goal setting and achieving for setting intention into motion.

Other Akashic Readings

  1. Manifesting Blueprint

  2. Relationship Reading (lovers, married couple, family etc)

  3. Business Realignment

  4. Hooks and Cords

  5. Spirit Guide Coaching

  6. Property Clearing

  7. Life Situation Reading


Revive and Thrive

Going through transitional phases of life can be daunting. This program helps clients in moving through their transitional phase with guidance, so that, the client goes through the phase with limited setbacks.

Transitional phases can be moving from single hood to marriage, from marriage to seperation,  loss of a loved one, job change, location change.


Business Launcher

Assist and guide new business owners in setting up a business by helping them clarify the vision of their business, set actionable goals, in relation to personal goals.

Help taking the business from where it is now to where it wants to be. A business coach will help you see the blind spots, that can make a huge difference in your revenues. Hold you accountable for the goals that were set and check progress weekly.


Includes Business and Marketing Plans with strategies to maximise growth. Reset, reschedule, tweak as per life situations to keep pace with the Actionable and Attainable goals, backed with Accountability that makes a business profitable.


Know your Soul's Calling

Only 1 out of 10 succeed in life without following what our soul chose to do in this 3-Dimensional world. Find out how Your Soul chose to express itself.

Find out your Gifts, what strategies work for you, your Primary and Secondary Life’s Lessons (with % of Completion) and get the first Level of Clearing in your Akashic Records so that I can Access your Records, with your Soul’s Permission.